Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

    My transition back to the Medical /Surgical/ Telemetry unit at the sickly house has been hard on the ole bones.   Especially my ankles and heels.  Better shoes are in the forecast.
Bloggers....It is amazing the state of health that people get themselves in ....for sure.
   I have started taking Clay Classes with a local woman.  She has a rather comfortable stern way about her.  I used to love clay work and then somehow life happened and i never got a chance to get back at it.   I am looking for that certain something.  I love the feel of wet clay .
My first project was a pig sponge holder (free form) .  He came out cute.  I have more stuff and more ideas.  Long term goal is to eventually get a kiln.

    My basement redo will start tomorrow AM.  New drainage system...new lighting...new floor and then.....A clay and craft  area!!!  I can't wait !!!
Before and Afters to come.
My Assistant drove me to a yarn shop in a different village over the weekend and then we trekked over to Duluth Trading Company.   I had never been there and was curious.
I will have to say...pricey but good quality from what i could tell... I wanted to buy a pair of pants but am between sizes.  I gotta gain or lose...I am going to try and drop about 10 LBs
My scruff muffin dog and I will trek to another village tomorrow to get out of this hell bent town, while they jack hammer my basement floor.
Tonight...Little People shows.
The Roloffs are intriguing me.  The divorce, the dating, the big...the little...the new babies...Lovely

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